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RT @guilubrano | First Rough edit for MHC Shelter me, new version for MHC king's crown... thing's are starting to move ahead... @JM_Live

jamie_marsters 9:17am via Seesmic twhirl

.@buffyfest | #BUFFY Season 9 #4 Reviewed (Plus Video) (James Marsters #Spike ments): bit.ly/tS4Kla #JamesMarsters @JM_Live

jamie_marsters 9:13am via Seesmic twhirl

.@WizardWorld | UPDATED w/ times: Photo Ops @ New Orleans Comic Con 2012 ON SALE NOW! (inc James Marsters): bit.ly/s6MTvn @JM_Live

jamie_marsters 9:06am via Seesmic twhirl

harsens-rob | #ANGEL review #30 (main story) (James Marsters #Spike ments): bit.ly/uRjjJw #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

jamie_marsters Dec 14, 11:31pm via Seesmic twhirl

hawaiifive0online | Mon Dec 26th Ep of HAWAII FIVE-0 To Be Rebroadcast of ‘Hana ‘a’a Makehewa’ (James Marsters guests): bit.ly/sTFzb3

jamie_marsters Dec 14, 12:41pm via Seesmic twhirl

nikkistafford | #BUFFY Rewatch Week 50: Spoiler Forum (feat James Marsters #Spike): bit.ly/rFP0yX #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

jamie_marsters Dec 14, 11:40am via Seesmic twhirl

blogofastoopidmonkey | #BUFFY: 4.13 - ‘THE I IN TEAM’ (James Marsters #Spike ment): bit.ly/s1unNh #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

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