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DKSC Twitter Updates

DKSC/Bloody Board/Calendar Twitter Updates:

  • 11:37 CivilizedJames/EnterBay | THE LEGEND COMES TO LIFE~ James Marsters DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION Piccolo Figure (incl. pics): bit.ly/3rpoAB #
  • 11:38 angiefaith | Hallowhedon Report (James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Mercedes McNab, Mark Lutz, James Leary mentions): bit.ly/hjiOg #
  • 11:40 ericadawn16 | Jack was based off [James Marsters] Spike??!! And other oddness (Russell T. Davies TORCHWOOD int): bit.ly/4g5kf8 #
  • 11:41 AVClub | The best TV episodes of the decade - ANGEL, "Smile Time" (feat. James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/3odtmG #
  • 11:45 Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters news; Michelle Trachtenberg int; MERLIN/BONES reviews; DOLLHOUSE news; tweets + #
  • 21:55 More Whedonverse BB udpates: bit.ly/SvIEP MERLIN/BONES/BOONDOCK SAINTS 2 reviews; Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Amber Benson, + tweets & more #
  • 22:18 /Begin more old James Marsters articles/ints/etc posts... #
  • 22:18 TVSquad | Jane After Dark: Top five BUFFY moments (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/3vynzK #
  • 22:19 TVSquad | Jane After Dark: Top five BUFFY hookups (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/oOE9o #
  • 22:21 PopMatters | Narrative Integrity and Brock Samson (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/4oUL8f #
  • 22:22 TheState | Take it from Buffy, Sookie and Bella: Love hurts when your main squeeze is a vampire (James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/1hY5f6 #
  • 22:24 io9 | It's BUFFY's Fault That Vampires Are Weak Now (James Marsters & Spike mentions): bit.ly/3H8Yx7 #
  • 22:26 StarPulse | TWILIGHT's' Passive Female Vs. BUFFY, HARRY POTTER & TRUE BLOOD (James Marsters Spike mention): bit.ly/2uRwd #
  • 22:27 Cinematical | Girls on Film: Bella, Buffy, and Bloodsuckers (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/1fR9JY #
  • 22:27 TheTorchOnline | Deadliest Fantasy Warrior: Joss Whedon’s Vampires Vs. Anne Rice’s Vampires (James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/1i8zy1 #
  • 22:32 411Mania | The Watcher Diaries - This Years Girl - BUFFY Episode 4.15 (feat. James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/4bQCUf #
  • 22:33 DenofGeek | Top 10 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER episodes (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/tx2WT #
  • 22:34 411Mania | The Watcher Diaries - Who Are You - BUFFY Episode 4.16 (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/23x5uh #
  • 22:35 411Mania | The Watcher Diaries - Superstar - BUFFY Episode 4.17 (feat. James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/4hxc9h #
  • 22:36 /End of old James Marsters articles/ints/etc posts. Those should keep you amused for a bit. More tomorrow. :) #
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