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markwatches | #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: S02E19 – I Only Have Eyes For You (James Marsters #Spike mnt): bit.ly/wLjIOe #JamesMarsters

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gabrielleabelle | The Feminist Filter: [#BUFFY] Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (James Marsters #Spike mnt): bit.ly/ysI8km #BtVS

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@jeanbugc I didn't get to take a pic since I got one the first time. But here is that one. I make him look short hehe. lockerz.com/s/177516451

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Did you know that James Marsters, @DCUO's Lex Luthor, has a band? The new album is on iTunes. Check out "Ghost of the Robot". #fb

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omg! He is AMAZING!! Funniest ad-lib so far: to hear Lex Luthor ask Bruce Wayne if he would "Care for a Rollo?" hmmm might work that in. ;)

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About to begin recording some Lex Luthor VO for @DCUO. James Marsters = Win! I feel like we should have Joss Whedon do a cameo too. hehe

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@rosemarie1966 I'm not actually James Marsters, sorry. Just a fellow fan. :)

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jamie_marsters Jan 24, 8:28am via Seesmic twhirl

markwatches | Mark Watches #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: S02E17 – Passion (ft James Marsters #Spike): bit.ly/xe0vVs #JamesMarsters #BtVS

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projectsmallscreen | Ranking the Episodes – #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Season 4 (James Marsters #Spike mnts): bit.ly/w8gcmE @JM_Live

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chironspupil | Goodbye Iowa (#BUFFY Season 4, Episode 14) Part 1/2 (ft James Marsters #Spike): bit.ly/yN4ZSr #JamesMarsters @JM_Live

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SFX | New #SFX Vampire Special On Sale Now! (ft James Marsters interview; inc preview pages): bit.ly/wODv68 #JamesMarsters @JM_Live

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myfavouritemagazines | SFX Collection ISSUE 54 (ft new James Marsters interview): bit.ly/zLrGCd #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #Spike #Buffy

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RT @canadagraphs2 | #BOTVA2011 Finalist Best Guest Star Voting ends next wk bit.ly/eoPBTv James Marsters @CW_Supernatural @JM_Live

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DKSC LiveJournal | Photo Ops @ New Orleans Comic Con (inc James Marsters) | @WizardWorld bit.ly/AdRin0 #JamesMarsters

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lefthandhorror | Fister’s Random #BUFFY Review “Hush” (ft James Marsters #Spike): bit.ly/ynm8Qd #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

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