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SUPERNATURAL Magazine Exclusive: James Marsters Talks! | MTV

Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester from CW’s hit TV show "Supernatural" have been in some odd situations over the years, but providing marriage guidance to two centuries-old witches in Shut Up, Dr. Phil was one of the strangest. Genre star James Marsters played philandering husband Don Stark, alongside his former Buffy and Angel co-star Charisma Carpenter as wife Maggie. MTV Geek has been given an exclusive preview from "The Official Supernatural Magazine" who caught up with Marsters to find out more….

Q: Was the role pitched to you as a reunion opportunity with your Buffy and Angel co-star, Charisma Carpenter?

James Marsters: They did not tell me about Charisma, and I was very happily surprised as I was just about to get off the plane and heard about it. I just thought it was fabulous! What’s really weird is that Charisma and I have been on three television shows together, but up until Supernatural we’d only shot together for one day, really. One of the real plusses of Supernatural was getting to know Charisma. We got to talk about our lives and she’s a really sweet person.

Q: Had you kept up with her socially at any events or conventions you both headlined?

JM: She was at a Buffy reunion at a convention, but those situations are really focused on the job at hand, so it was really on the set of Supernatural that culminated in a nice talk.

Q: Did you finally get to trade war stories about your Slayer days?

JM: [Laughs] Yeah, we traded a lot of stories that I will not tell you! We found we had exactly the same perspective on what was an intense experience for everyone concerned. We touched on everything.

Q: As actors you’ve both been able to showcase your great comedic timing in other roles, but how was it playing that vibe against one another in this episode?

JM: It was brilliant. I think we both instinctively knew where the drama was, where the horror was and where the comedy was. From watching her performance she understands very well to play the comedy, the horror and the drama equally. You just have to commit and make it real for yourself. For me, when you get into that marital spat stuff, don’t hold back. Be the fool. It’s people arguing in public so it can be really funny.

Q: You guys had some great chemistry even though your characters were ready to kill one another.

JM: Charisma had a cold at the time, but we didn’t hold back on the kiss because we both thought it was important people really understood that they love each other.

Q: How was it working with Jared and Jensen?

JM: They are perfect and I had such a good time. They were really professional and kind, but just playful enough to keep it fun. I felt welcomed right away. I have to say it’s the happiest set I’ve ever been on.

To read more, pick up the new issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine, which hits stores on March 6 or read it right now digitally on your iPad, Mac or PC.

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