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biffbampop | March Madness: Uncovering The “What If” In #BUFFY’s Normal Again (James Marsters #Spike mnt): bit.ly/wsBxQ0 @JM_Live

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thinkprogress | THE CABIN IN THE WOODS and the Bureaucracy—and Beauty—of Evil (James Marsters mnt): bit.ly/AdkkA2 #JamesMarsters

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vulture | The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: #DEADWOOD vs. #BUFFY (James Marsters mnt): bit.ly/y0hgHF @JM_Live

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Facebook | James Marsters METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES episode "Shelter Me" Will Be Completed This Week: on.fb.me/yrv00Q #JamesMarsters

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RT @MetalHurlantTV | News Exclusives photos "behind the scenes", and exclusives videos this week for participants only: ulule.com/metal-hurlant-…

MetalHurlantTV Mar 12, 9:23am via Web

Win prizes by participating in the adventure MHC ! registrants will participate in the prize draw to win VIP prizes ulule.com/metal-hurlant-…

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previewsworld | FCBD Interview: Writer Andrew Chambliss Talks FCBD #BUFFY (James Marsters #Spike mnts): bit.ly/wIxeRX #JamesMarsters

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buffyfest | #BUFFY Season 9 #7 Spoiler-lite review (James Marsters #Spike mnts): bit.ly/y0tcB4 #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

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essaysonbuffy | Happy Buffyversary (ft James Marsters #Spike); bit.ly/A2v5Pm #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #Buffy #JossWhedon #Angel

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teamhellions | Happy #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Anniversary! (James Marsters #Spike mnts): bit.ly/zG0Qn3 #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #BtVS

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RT @buffyfest | March Madness - The Whedonverse Alternate Universe Tournament!: IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN… goo.gl/fb/d74H1


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