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James Marsters Calgary Expo Photo Ops/Programming Schedule | @CalgaryExpo


FridayAdam Baldwin4:00 -
FridayAdam West4:00 -
FridayJon Bernthal4:30 -
FridayGates McFadden5:00 -
FridayHayden Panettiere5:00 -
FridayDenise Crosby5:30 -
FridayJames Marsters5:30 -
FridayDave Prowse6:00 -
FridayStan Lee6:00 -
FridayBuck Rogers Photo Op Gil Gerard and/or Erin Gray6:30 -
FridayLeVar Burton7:00 -
FridayRobert Englund7:00 -
FridayLance Henriksen7:30 -
FridayWil Wheaton7:30 -
SaturdayTNG Team Up Photo Op Burton + McFadden + Wheaton + Crosby together11:00 -
SaturdayStan Lee11:00 -
SaturdayBuck Rogers Photo Op Gil Gerard and/or Erin Gray12:30 -
SaturdayPatrick Stewart12:30 -
SaturdayFringe Team Up Photo Op John Noble and/or Jasika Nicole1:00 -
SaturdayHayden Panettiere1:30 -
SaturdayBrent Spiner2:00 -
SaturdayAdam West2:00 -
SaturdayTNG Team Up Photo Op Frakes + Sirtis + Dorn2:30 -
SaturdayEmily Expo3:00 -
SaturdayAdam Baldwin3:30 -
SaturdayRobert Englund3:30 -
SaturdayAmanda Tapping4:00 -
SaturdayDave Prowse4:30 -
SaturdayTNG Full Cast4:30 -
SaturdayLance Henriksen5:00 -
SaturdayKatee Sackhoff5:30 -
SaturdayJames Marsters6:00 -
SaturdayBSG Photo Op Sackhoff + Douglas + Hatch together6:00 -
SaturdayJon Bernthal6:30 -
SaturdayAaron Douglas6:30 -
SundayMarina Sirtis11:00 -
SundayJonathan Frakes11:00 -
SundayAdam Baldwin11:30 -
SundayMichael Dorn11:30 -
SundayAmanda Tapping12:00 -
SundayStan Lee12:00 -
SundayBrent Spiner12:30 -
SundayKatee Sackhoff1:00 -
SundayTNG Full Cast1:00 -
SundayEmily Expo1:30 -
SundayHayden Panettiere2:00 -
SundayPatrick Stewart2:00 -
SundayJames Marsters2:30 -
SundayLance Henriksen3:00 -
SundayBSG Photo Op Sackhoff + Douglas + Hatch together3:00 -
SundayDave Prowse3:30 -
SundayFringe Team Up Photo Op John Noble and/or Jasika Nicole3:30 -
SundayJon Bernthal4:00 -
SundayAdam West4:00 -
SundayRobert Englund4:30 -



Please note: All panels are 45 minutes long unless otherwise noted. Panels and content are always subject to change, so we encourage you to check the on-site schedules posted outside the panel rooms to confirm final schedules. Click here to download the latest version of this schedule (PDF).

Sunday • April 29st

James Marsters Spotlight
Room: Corral - Main Events Room
Time: 3:00 - 4:00

Beloved by millions as the creepy-cool vampire Spike on Buffy and Angel, James has appeared on many fan favorites including Smallville, Torchwood, Caprica and Supernatural. This actor and musician is here to tell you about his life and times, and what his sinking his teeth into next.

Presented by SPACE

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