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DKSC Twitter Updates

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DKSC LiveJournal | Exclusive Juicy News: (James Marsters) SPIKE & WILLOW Mini-Series Q&A | Buffyfest bit.ly/Ia2x0V #JamesMarsters

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RT @whedonesque | (SPOILER) #BUFFY Season 8 Volume 2 Hardcover announced. (ft James Marsters #Spike) dlvr.it/1RF5hW

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RT @FanboyComix | L.A. Theatre Works Brings "Frost/Nixon" (Featuring James Marsters!) To Modern Audiences!!! bit.ly/Imi5Oe @JM_Live

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RT @LATheatreWorks | Re-tweet this for $20 tix to @LATheatreWorks FROST/NIXON April 19-22 ends midnite 2day pic.twitter.com/irWtPs6K

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RT @KristinDSantos | Ultimate Fan Battle: We Have a Winner! eonli.ne/IhLQO9

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Buffyfest | Exclusive Juicy News: (James Marsters) #SPIKE & #WILLOW Mini-Series Q&A bit.ly/Ia2x0V #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #JossWhedon

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CBR | Dark Horse to publish (James Marsters) #Spike, #Willow spinoff projects [Updated]: bit.ly/IPXZuO #JamesMarsters @JM_Live #BtVS

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markwatches | #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: S04E21 – Primeval (James Marsters #Spike mnts): bit.ly/INqadX #JamesMarsters @JM_Live

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DKSC LiveJournal | BUFFY Comic Spin-Offs Starring (James Marsters) Spike & Willow Details | EW bit.ly/HyCPkz #JamesMarsters

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DKSC LiveJournal | James Marsters & Juliet Landau to Attend Fan Expo Canada 2012 |... bit.ly/HPD9eo #JamesMarsters

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