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Victor Gischler Talks “Spike”

Spike has always been a fan favorite of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  His sharp wit and ability to get to the bottom of problems has made him a staple of any story that involves Buffy.  His popularity has grown so much, that he is getting his own mini-series form Dark Horse.  Victor Gischler (Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, X-men), the writer of the series, recently talked to CBT about the series, and why he is a Spike fanboy himself

You have said before that Spike is your favorite character from Buffy.  We often see Spike being the person who brings the hard truth to the Scoobies.  What about Spike makes him great for his own series, where he might not be around the Scoobies?

Victor Gischler: Well, first, it’s only a mini — five issues.   Perhaps in the future he might have some full, ongoing series, but we’re just focusing on 5 issues here and I think that’s good.  It’s a way to take Spike off to the side and get up close and personal with him.  What makes Spike great for this scenario is that he is so primed for this up close and personal time.  The last time he saw Buffy, it was clear to all that he had some important issues with which he needed to come to grips.  That’s what this min is really about.  I mean, yes we have some great opportunities for action and adventure, but the real focus of the mini is Spike taking some time with himself to figure out who he is and what he wants.  He has been the guy in the past to bring the hard truth to the Scoobies.  Let’s see if he can do the same for himself.

Does his mini-series take Spike away from the main book, or does something happen in between the pages of Buffy’s ongoing?

VG:   Yes, Spike goes off on his own. But the consequences should — sooner or later — leak back into the main Buffy stories.

After the whole “pregnancy” story line, he seems to have maybe, just maybe, given up on Buffy.  How is Spike handling all of the things that Buffy threw at him recently?

VG: Keep in mind, that he’s thrown some stuff at Buffy too.  It was his idea to remove himself and let Buffy do whatever she needed to do without old Spike in the way.  But yes, Buffy is very much in Spike’s thoughts as he goes off to do his soul searching.  Had he given up on Buffy altogether?  Or just a certain way of thinking about her?  Or is she too much under his skin?  This is what we need to hang on to find out.  I mean soul searching isn’t like wroking a math equation, right?  It can be a messy process.

You have a great penchant for humor (I still laugh re-reading issue of Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth).  Is Spike going to be the same witty bastard when he has no one to poke fun at?

VG: Well, Spike has the bugs who are great at providing comic relief and serve well as the butt of Spike’s jibes.  I was surprised and skeptical when I first learned of the bugs, but have totally warmed up to them after writing them.  And, as a writer, I find them useful. I mean, there are no plans to turn the mini into the whacky traveling bug show, but they definately have their uses.

I know many of the stars haven’t had much input on how the characters have developed, but have you talked to James Marsters at all about the mini-series?

VG: No.  But a couple years ago I saw James Marsters in a hotel bar after a long day at  Wizards World in New Orleans.  I just had to get a picture and so I intercepted the guy on the way out.  I hated to trouble him after a long day, but just couldn’t stop myself.  He ended up sitting down with me and my pals and having a drink and talking to us for a few minutes.  Just a nice as hell guy.  Seriously.  I’m sure he interacts with so many fans that he doesn’t remember, but I’ll always remember what a really cool down-to-earth guy he was.

I like that you are a Spike fan yourself, and are getting to write this series.  It gets the fans more into the series as well.  But besides Spike, do you have anything else planned for the future?  In comic books or novels?

VG: Yes, both comics and novels.  It is more difficult staying on track with my novel projects right now because I’m feeling a bit more momentum with comics.  I have three creator-owned things in the pipe – all at different stages.  One is an irreverent post-apocalypse B-movie style action romp, and another is a sort of odd Russ Meyer influenced crime thing.  Also a horror project.  I am also up for a couple more gigs with licensed characters but I’m not sure how those are coming, so I’d better stay mum on those for now.

The B-movie one just stuck out to me (especially the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan in me).  Mind going deeper into that one?

VG: We follow the adventures of Sally — a slightly unstable, often violent and emotionally naive young woman – through the post-apocalyptic landscape of southern Louisiana.  River pirates, atomic monsters and lots of popcorn action punctuated by one-liners and antics.  I’ve teamed up with a new Italian artist named Tazio Bettin.

Exclusive art from Gischler's creator owned series

Any word on who is publishing the series?

VG: We are in talks with a good publisher but it is too soon to say anything for sure.

I’m going to keep my eyes on that.  And you said you have some licensed character work in the works.  What story have you not told yet, with any character, that you would love to tell.

VG: Well … different licensed characters suggest different styles and tones, so I feel like I’m reacting to a situation in these cases. Red Sonja would suggest a very different story to me than Green Arrow.  As for a story I’d love to tell, I have an epic fantasy tale I want to tell very badly, but I’m waiting for the right artist, publisher everything to all come together.  I like the BIG STAGE of epic fantasy.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

VG: No problem, glad to participate!</div>

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