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DKSC Twitter Updates

  • 00:24 NiceGirlsTV | Nice Girls Gift Guide: Vampire Edition (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, James Marsters mentions): bit.ly/6r5nEL #
  • 12:06 DKSC LiveJournal | DKSC Twitter Updates - 00:05 Utmost-Way | BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - The Complete Second Season ... ow.ly/165QEG #
  • 13:07 WriggleRosie | Rosie Goes to See James Marsters at Boston Megeafest (Report & Pic): bit.ly/5yZHDZ #
  • 13:08 kokopuff @ MtS | James Marsters LIE TO ME HQ Pics: bit.ly/8jtvdH #
  • 13:11 StepheniesBlog | Buy ANGEL – Season Five DVD at Amazon (Review; James Marsters mentions): bit.ly/4Wf9cS #
  • 13:14 Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/DOLLHOUSE news; Jane Espenson int (re. BUFFY S8 comic); cast & crew tweets & more #
  • 15:04 GraySunrise @ MtS | My Boston experience…some more… (James Marsters Report & Pic): bit.ly/8585UI #
  • 15:06 RT @joyce1961/YouTube | James Marsters Sunday Q & A part 1 (from Boston Super Megafest): bit.ly/5MZulW #
  • 15:20 411Mania | The Watcher Diaries - Fool For Love - BUFFY Episode 5.7 (James Marsters & Spike mentions): bit.ly/4trRN4 #
  • 21:02 RandomJessie | So let's see... Boston Super Megafest Mini-Report (James Marsters mention): bit.ly/5ye1Ss #
  • 23:06 CivilizedJames | James Marsters Hallowhedon Q&A Pics (& Mark Lutz): bit.ly/8YMxbG #
  • 23:07 Whedon.cz | Hallowhedon 2009 (report) (James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Mercedes McNab, Mark Lutz & James Leary): bit.ly/7jm76h #
  • 23:09 Supanova Mailing List | James Marsters Concerts TBA: bit.ly/8UzZC0 #
  • 23:12 More Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/Nicholas Brendon news; BUFFY review; Amber Benson/Emma Caulfield/+ tweets + #
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