jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters Tumblr Posts (inc pics & videos) | gotrmusic

GhostoftheRobot: 'What the Hell...?' Round 5 Revealed! - I’m having fun with this. The last pic is one of my personal... http://t.co/NevvtPxe

GhostoftheRobot: Photo: Here’s something tasty! ‘What the Hell…?’ Round 6! What do you suppose this is? http://t.co/bFVvqLU8

GhostoftheRobot: Video: Here’s an interview that I conducted of my co-star, Michelle Ryan, the Bionic Woman herself! We were... http://t.co/svwnlMCw

GhostoftheRobot: Video: A minute later she turned the tables, and the camera, to ask me a few questions. Michelle is... http://t.co/W0EHZdGw

GhostoftheRobot: Video: And on a more musical note, here is Sullivan showing us a battle scar at a live show with his old... http://t.co/J1JYA9rL

Tags: cast: james marsters, ghost of the robot, james marsters pics, james marsters tweets/posts, james marsters video, tv: metal hurlant chronicles

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