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James Marsters Chicago Comic Con Videos x 3 (inc 50th Birthday Gift Presentation) | YouTube

Here are 3 videos of James Marsters from Chicago Comic Con, including James' 50th Birthday Gift Presentation; with thanks to HonestReviewsCorner Corner, roseep, & PBnJStuff:

BuffyFest - Wizard World - Chicago 2012 - Full Panel - Part 2


James Marsters 50th Birthday presentation at Chicago 11th August 2012

Presenting James with his gift. Organised by Jessie, we raised over $8000 to help buy the new theatre lighting at Davis High, James's old high school, and he was presented with a book of old clippings and reviews of school productions and a video of the current students and his old English teacher.

(It cuts off because I stupidly put a too small memory card in my camera and it filled up before the end, so I didn't get James picking out the names of the three winners in the draw! I'm so sorry!)


James Marsters 50th Birthday gift presentation

Organized by the amazing Jessie Wintle, Marsters Sweethearts gave James a special present to commemoraate his 50th birthday--stage lighting for the new theater at his Alma Mater, Davis HS.

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