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James Marsters Dragon*Con 2012 Videos x 4 | YouTube

James Marsters and Juliet Landau as Spike and Dru

During their Sunday panel at Dragon*Con, they were asked to use their accents as Spike and Dru. This is a brief clip where James was explaining how they had moved on and had even more characters to explore and share...Juliet was agreeing...sorta. :) James and Juliet are such remarkable actors and individuals with extraordinary talent, respect for each other, passion for what they do, abundant grace and gratitude for their fans...Always a pleasure to see them on stage or at the autogragh tables.


DragonCon 2012 Friday Buffy & Angel Guest Q&A 1 of 3

James Marsters, Julet Landau, J. August Richards @ Dragon*Con Friday August 31, 2012 speaking on their experiences on Buffy & Angel.

DragonCon 2012 Friday Buffy & Angel Guest Q&A 2 of 3

DragonCon 2012 Friday Buffy & Angel Guest Q&A 3 of 3

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