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James Marsters Montreal Comic Con Videos x 9 (inc concert) | YouTube

Here are 9 videos of James Marsters from Montreal Comic Con, including concert footage; with thanks to Dominic Walsh, JeanBugC, & digitalgirl45:

James Marsters at the Mtl Comic Con 2012Collapse )

James Marsters at the Mtl Comic Con 2012, pt 2Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'Truth Is' (clip)Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'No Promises' (clip)Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'If This Is Love'Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'For What I Need'Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'Button Down Vandals'Collapse )

James Marsters sings 'Dance Slow'Collapse )

James Marsters Concert - Montreal Comic Con 2012Collapse )
Tags: cast: james marsters, event: concert, event: montreal comic con, event: montreal comic con video

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