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  • 09:32 RT @JM_Live | Photo Op pre-sales are now available for James Marsters London's LOVE HEARTS, February 7th, 2010: bit.ly/7Ez1Lm #
  • 09:59 thegingerpire | "Hello, love." (James Marsters "Your Funny Valentine" Feb, 2009 Event Report): bit.ly/5h8Y1F #
  • 10:02 meloukhia | Joss Whedon’s Brunettes (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/6X9oYq #
  • 10:41 the2alchemists | Worst Movies of 2009: #8 – DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION (James Marsters mention): bit.ly/62mrSS #
  • 10:53 JMFacebook | SOPAC website for James Marsters BE MY VALENTINE is temporarily down due to server probems...: bit.ly/4WFutC #
  • 11:00 BIG Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/DOLLHOUSE news; BUFFY reviews; Marc Blucas int; cast tweets & heaps heaps mor #
  • 12:04 DKSC LiveJournal | DKSC Twitter Updates - 10:45 TheTwoCentsCorp | James Marsters Spike #9 in TTC’s Staff’s Favorite... ow.ly/16f1p9 #
  • 13:25 pinartarhan | James Marsters P.S. I LOVE YOU Review: bit.ly/7nzgin #
  • 13:30 Examiner | Vote for the sexiest man in the vampire realm! (Don't forget to vote for James Marsters; Votes close 01/01): bit.ly/7V9Y50 #
  • 16:41 YouTube | JamesMarstersandSon Channel - Too Fast (James Marsters and Sullivan New Video): bit.ly/69FTPs #
  • 22:00 More Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP new James Marsters vid; Juliet Landau movie news; Adam Busch & Tom Lenk tweets & a bit more #
  • 23:55 RT @JM_Live | James Marsters Happy New Year Message: bit.ly/8uNZxb #
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