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5 Minutes with Ghost of the Robot

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Five minute speed interview with Ghost of the Robot. And go…

MMS: How did Ghost of the Robot form and where does the name come from?

GOTR: To sum it all up. t=0

MMS: Who are the members in the current lineup?

GOTR: James Marsters – lead guitar and vocals; Jordan Latham – drums and vocals; Kevin McPherson – lead bass and vocals; Sullivan Marsters – lead guitar and vocals; Charlie De Mars – lead guitar and vocals.

MMS: Tell me a bit about the recording process for the new album.

GOTR: We haven’t started recording it just yet. We’ve made some demo’s for us to practice with because we all live far apart. We’ve been rehearsing regularly but never as a full band. This current incarnation of Ghost has never actually played together; though we recorded Murphy’s Law, we were never playing all together. Our first official rehearsal was January 1st in preparation for our January 5th show in Sacramento, CA.

MMS: Is the new album similar in sound to Murphy’s Law? How or how not?

GOTR: Yes and no, nothing is ever the same, but we’ll be using a lot of the same instruments and proprietary recording techniques that we’ve been developing over the years.

MMS: What can fans expect from this new album?

GOTR: 11 tracks of awesome. We don’t say this lightly or with bias.

MMS: Instead of using Kickstarter to fundraise, you decided to sell items on an auction-like platform. What was the reasoning behind this choice?

GOTR: There was no reason, it just happened. Amazing people got together to make it all happen for us and we are going to utilize what was raised to shoot videos for Moonshot and Go Luck Yourself, get new strings, drum heads, and other necessities to record/perform.

MMS: When can fans expect the album to be finished? Will there be a tour in support of the new album?

GOTR: It might be done the first of April, no later than the end of 2013….We’re working on it.

MMS: What’s next for the band in 2013?

GOTR: 2013, the Year of the Robot. Shows, rehearsals, videos, recording, fan appreciation, love, promoting, dreaming, developing, making, exercising, drinking lots of water, writing, shows…to name a few, in no particular order. I think we might just surprise you.

MMS: Make sure to check out Ghost of the Robot through the following links:Our WebsiteGhost of the Robot on iTunes
Ghost of the Robot on Facebook
Ghost of the Robot on Twitter

Ghost of the Robot on Tumblr
Ghost of the Robot on Instagram
Ghost of the Robot on YouTube

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