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DKSC Website Has Moved!

Hey all,

So I discovered today that Yahoo!Geocities will be shutting down sometime this year, and thus all Geocities websites will be lost. As a result I've moved the Don't Kill Spike Club official website to a brand new domain: http://dontkillspike.50webs.com

I've linked the current Geocities home page to the new site, so visitors will be easily able to get to the new page. However once Geocities is gone, you'll have to solely rely on the new address.

Also as a result, I've subsequently done some site updates! Which I haven't had the time to do of late, so *yay* me for getting my finger out! Or perhaps *damn* Geocities for forcing my hand! Either way there's some new content on the site at long last!

As such, feel free to submit any fanfic, fanart, links and such, so I can do some more updating. If you'd like them on the new website, I'd be happy to have them there. :)

You can let me know here or by email if you'd like anything added to the site. Even if you'd just like to link to your LJ content, I'd be more than happy to do that.
Tags: cast: james marsters, dksc website update

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