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I'm currently in the process of adding tags to all of the older entries here to make it easier to find posts that contain information on a specific James Marsters-related subject. For those of you not in the know regarding tags here's an example: If you're looking for news/information/etc regarding James' upcoming appearance on Caprica, click on the TV: Caprica tag, and all entries that have something relating to Caprica will be shown.

For the complete tag list CLICK HERE

I'm only about a quarter of the way through tagging all the entries, so there's still quite a few entries that aren't tagged as such. I'm working in chronilogical order, so it's the more recent entries that don't have completed tags yet. It may take me a while, because, due to the LoudTwitter posting of all my Twitter entries, there's literally a post for every day since late last year. I'll post a comment here when I've completed all the tagging.

I hope this makes it easier for any of you who just drop by to look for something specific.

Enjoy! :)
Tags: cast: james marsters, tv: caprica, twitter

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