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DKSC Twitter Updates

  • 00:46 abua.in | YouTube: James Marsters P.S. I LOVE YOU Premiere Video: bit.ly/8gRKJs #
  • 12:01 eBay.com | James Marsters 8x10 Photo Signed Autographed REAL! COA: bit.ly/8oeLeW #
  • 12:01 MadamMiaow | Anna Chen meets James Marsters ... (at Islington Carling Academy, 29th April 2005; incl. pics): bit.ly/8n04S1 #
  • 12:02 IMDb | DRAGONBALL 2: REBORN listed on James Marsters IMDb page as in development: bit.ly/62rLBA #
  • 12:04 TheBookSmugglers | Chat With An Author: Jackie Kessler “Carpe Noctem” & the Buffyverse (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/7QiZ01 #
  • 12:27 Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/Amy Acker news/sighting; Joss Whedon int; BONES/DOLLHOUSE news; cast tweets + mor #
  • 12:28 DKSC LiveJournal | DKSC Twitter Updates - 00:45 ATVNewsNetwork | Spin-offs we’d like to see (James Marsters in TORC... ow.ly/16lFZH #
  • 21:13 Amazon.com | James Marsters REAL HEROES: FIREFIGHTER (Wii video game) Price & Details: bit.ly/5WQLIv #
  • 21:15 lilycat @ CDS | James Marsters DRAGONBALL 2: REBORN IMDbPro Details: bit.ly/7aD0wv #
  • 21:16 More Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters news; Charisma Carpenter int; DOLLHOUSE/BUFFY S8 reviews/promo; tweets + mor #
  • 23:44 Couple more Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP BONES reviews; & DOLLHOUSE DVD & Blu-ray Amazon deals #
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