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James Marsters St. Louis Comic Con Q&A Videos x 4 | YouTube
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Here are 4 videos from James Marsters' St. Louis Comic Con Q&A panel; with thanks to myahbr & JeanBugC:

James Marsters Panel 2013 St. Louis Comic Con

This is only part of the panel. Unfortunately I could not get the whole thing due to lack of memory on my card from taking too many pictures and I was standing in line to ask my own question.


James Q&A at St. Louis Comic Con (clip)

James was asked by a fan if he were to sit down with some of the characters he has played- Spike, Barnabas and John Hart- what would they say to him and what would he say to them.

James Marsters- "I wanted to be the boy that flies..."

During James' Q&A on Sunday at St. Louis Comic Con, he was asked about auditioning with a cajun/southern accent for the role of Spike and what was his dream role to play on stage. This clip includes James demonstrating his ability to do accents and discussing his passion for "Macbeth". March 24, 2013

James Marsters- "Did you lose the twenty bucks?"

During the Sunday Q&A at St. Louis Comic Con, a fan asked James to help settle a bet, What was the relationship between Spike and Angel...really...? March 24, 2013



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