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James Marsters Ottawa ComicCon Programming Schedule | @OttawaCC

Programming Schedule
Time Friday May 10, 2013 Room
9:00 PMJAMES MARSTERS LIVE IN CONCERT!** With David Martel OpeningHall 4
Time Sunday May 12, 2013 Room
12:45 PMCelebrity Q&A JAMES MARSTERSHall 4

A few things to keep in mind at these Q&A sessions, panels and workshops.
1. Seating is limited in each room and is on a first-come, first-served basis.
· VIP Priority Seating applies only to events in the Main Events Hal, with the exception of the James Marsters Concert, which require a separate ticket. Do not put your bags, food, etc. on the seat next to you.
· VIP Priority Seating closes 10 minutes before the start of the presentation. At that time, the privelege will be forfeit, with seats being made available to other attendees.
· To allow for proper preparations, and to be fair to folks waiting in line, all rooms will be cleared out after each session, VIPs included.
2. Presentations are scheduled to be 45 minutes in length, with the exception of The Masquerade, Concerts, and a few screenings (approximately 90-120 minutes).
3. Recording of any of the video footage or images projected onto the screens in any of the rooms is strictly prohibited.
4. Photography: Each program has its own set of rules, and sometimes photography is allowed.
· Please take pictures from your seat.
· No flash photography.
· Some events will not allow photography of any kind, in which case an announcement will be made; please respect this.
5. Q&A: When asking questions of the people on stage, please be courteous. For example, please don't ask for a kiss, a hug, an autograph, a baby, or a prom date. Such requests stop a program in its tracks. Please treat all speakers with respect.
6. Cell phones: Just like in a movie theater, please silence all cell phones when you enter any programming room. If you must take a call, please leave the room to do so, but be advised if the room is full and closed, you may not get back in.
7. Trash: Please take your trash with you. Do not leave trash on the chairs or in the area around your seat, as other people will also be attending events in the room following you.
8. Schedule changes : Schedules can change at any time. Updated schedules will be placed in front of each room. Updates will also be made through social media and our website.
9. Cancellations: In rare instances, a guest will have to cancel because of a situation out of his or her control.
Keep in mind that all programs, events, and listed appearances are subject to change.

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