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DKSC Twitter Updates

  • 00:35 FlamingGeeks | Blackout by Keith R. A. DeCandido: C- (James Marsters Spike novel): bit.ly/byUCC7 #
  • 10:46 IHeartWesleyWP | We All Scream for [James Marsters] Spike (and [David Boreanaz's] Angel): bit.ly/bPncG8 #
  • 10:46 BloodyBookaholic | Interview With Jeaniene Frost (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/aGXUEn #
  • 10:47 RyallTime | The Whole Hole (in the World) (ANGEL: A HOLE IN THE WORLD comic cover art feat. James Marsters Spike): bit.ly/bgfPzq #
  • 11:27 Mucho Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters news; Amy Acker/Eliza Dushku/Michelle Trachtenberg ints; cast tweets & more #
  • 11:45 DKSC LiveJournal | DKSC Twitter Updates - 11:19 RT @JM_Live | SATURDAY DATE WITH JAMES MARSTERS - MODIFICATION &amp... ow.ly/16rKqm #
  • 13:31 RT @afreshPOV | James Marsters will be a guest @phoenixcomicon this memorial day weekend! bit.ly/aeFUOT #
  • 15:09 RT @PhoenixComicon | From Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comes James Marsters! Best known as Spike, he'll be att... bit.ly/aNkRK0 #
  • 15:13 RT @PhoenixComicon | James Marsters will be performing in concert Sat night of #phxcc. It is a special ticketed even... bit.ly/cB8dwj #
  • 16:24 RT @PhoenixComicon | @ravenu James Marsters WILL be at Phoenix Comicon. #phxcc. We'll have his bio on website thi... : bit.ly/bscU4d #
  • 16:43 Examiner | James Marsters to guest at Phoenix Comicon 2010: bit.ly/9dF0qm #
  • 17:54 RT @PhoenixComicon | @Typedink Only James Marsters' concert performance on Saturday night requires a separate admiss... bit.ly/cEmmFx #
  • 19:45 PhoenixComicon | Recently Added Guest List - James Marsters (Guest Info): bit.ly/da52w7 #
  • 21:10 eBay.co.uk | TORCHWOOD [James Marsters] Captain John Hart Poseable Action Figure: bit.ly/aLSbpi #
  • 23:27 XYZMagazine | XYZ EXCLUSIVE: SFX Weekender Ticket Giveaway (Guests incl. James Marsters, Gareth David-Lloyd,Tom Baker): bit.ly/bUgwCh #
  • 23:45 More Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/DOLLHOUSE news; Julie Benz sighting; LEVERAGE ratings/review; cast tweets + #
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