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DKSC Website Update/LJ Twitter Widget Working
dksc website update
Alrighty, a couple of updates today.

I've updated the "James Marsters News" page with a new twitter search widget, as the older one stopped working. I also cleaned up/updated things on the "Join DKSC" page. And, finally, I updated the "Links" page with all of the Ghost of the Robot links that I hadn't included; and I added links for all of James' upcoming convention appearances.

Plus, awesome news! The James Marsters Twitter Widget is working again! The older version had stopped working years ago, but I happened to try the new embed code that Twitter has now and that seems to be working just fine. So, if you don't wanna follow me on Twitter (
) or check my Twitter page, you can simply check out the widget here on LJ for all the latest James news! YAY!

Check out the website udpates @ http://dontkillspike.50webs.com