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DKSC Twitter Updates

  • 11:00 eBay.com | James Marsters Ghost of the Robot CD Spike Buffy SIGNED: bit.ly/cl7meh #
  • 11:01 RT @JM_Live | Congratulations to the winners of the Poetry Competition who have won tickets to see James Marsters in... bit.ly/9LBTFu #
  • 11:03 RT @JM_Live | James Marsters returns to the recording studio tomorrow to reprise his role in SUPER HERO SQUAD SHOW... bit.ly/a9j63y #
  • 11:10 Syracuse | ANGEL a sendup of movie/comics crossovers (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/aMdcPl #
  • 11:35 DKSC LiveJournal | DKSC Twitter Updates - 08:20 Examiner | Rumor Mill: [James Marsters] John Hart to be part of TOR... ow.ly/16t0xd #
  • 11:48 Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters news; DOLLHOUSE/LEVERAGE reviews; Landau/Benz/Hannigan/Dushku/Busch tweets + more #
  • 12:08 eBay.com | [James Marsters] Spike A8 Steven Bailey Soul Demon Autograph Card: bit.ly/a4xglf #
  • 18:18 lusciousxander | [BUFFY] Season Five Rewatch: The Replacement (3/22) (James Marsters Spike mentions): bit.ly/9Xkshc #
  • 22:08 BabsBatCave | James Marsters SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY Review: bit.ly/aq6w8N #
  • 23:36 eBay.com | Spike James Marsters BUFFY Poster V3: bit.ly/abPnV5 #
  • 23:50 More Whedonverse BB updates: bit.ly/SvIEP James Marsters/Julie Benz/J. August Richards news; Michelle Trachtenberg int; cast tweets + #
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