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30-minute look behind the scenes of BUFFY Season 2 (video ft James Marsters) | io9

A fun 30-minute look behind the scenes of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Rob Bricken 6/26/13 1:40pm Today 1:40pm

Looking for about 30 minutes of unadulterated happiness? Than look no further than this video posted earlier today by stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt, which is a magnificent collection of behind-the-scenes looks at Buffy: TVS season 2, including stunts, costumes, and a great deal of goofiness.

If you'd like to see werewolf Oz off-screen and Sarah Michelle Gellar ice skating, learn how they blew up the Judge with a bazooka, or just watch people messing with James Marsters by trying to convince him he's going bald, seriously, this is the video for you.

Tags: cast: james marsters, cast: juliet landau, cast: sarah michelle gellar, cast: seth green, tv: buffy, tv: buffy video

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