jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters Wizard World NYC Experience Videos x 2 | YouTube

Here are 2 videos of James Marsters at Wizard World's NYC Experience, with thanks to MalEvOLinT:

James Marsters At Wizard World Comic-Con NYC, 06/29/13

Quick vid that I couldn't get to post on Instagram of James Marsters at Wizard World Comic-Con in NYC signing a pic for my 'lil sis, Sandy as he's singing Bruce Springsteen's 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy).

James Marsters At Wizard World Comic-Con NYC Part 2, 06/29/13

Super short video of James Marsters writing Happy Birthday to my 'lil sis, Sandy while at Wizard World Comic-Con NYC.

Tags: cast: james marsters, event: nyc experience, event: nyc experience video

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