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James Marsters NYC Experience Videos x 4 (inc Q&A) | YouTube

Me meeting James Marsters @ Wizard World NYC!

I was able to meet James Marsters (again) in NY on 6-29-13! My friend was awesome enough to record part of it!

In the beginning, he compliments the photo of us and then I show him the lyric pocket guidebook I made for him. It included the majority of his parts during Once More With Feeling. That way, he can bring it to future comic cons, by simply tucking into his back pocket. So if/when fans ask for him to sing something from the musical ep., he has a reference guide! =D


James Marsters singing (kind of) at NYC Experience

James was asked to sing a song...When he decided to sing his "Cowboy Song", he drew a blank, not remembering how it started. He has lots of original songs so kind of understandable! Love the laugh! Check out the band's music, Ghost of the Robot at youtube.com/gotrmusic

James Marsters singing "Cowboy Song" ("Alone") at NYC Experience

James treated his Q&A audience at a recent convention to a bit of singing, one of his original songs written while filming the movie "High Plains Invaders". (The panel was held in a metal tent-like structure so the sound is not super!)
Wizard World NYC Experience June 28, 2013

James Marsters talks about music at NYC Experience

James was asked about what is happening with the band, Ghost of the Robot, and told about upcoming gigs and plans for future CDs.
Wizard World NYC Experience July 28, 2013

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