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James Marsters DragonCon 2013 Videos x 9 (inc BUFFY Q&A & @GhostoftheRobot concert) | YouTube

Here are 9 videos of James Marsters at DragonCon 2013, including the BUFFY Q&A panel & the Ghost of the Robot concert; with thanks to TammyDevil666 & floundr:

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con

Published on Sep 6, 2013
I'm not sure what the question was, but I think they were asked what they would have liked their characters to do that they haven't done.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 2

I think they were asked to say something as their character.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 3

Talking about the comics.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 4

Talking about killing roaches.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 5

Talking about their weirdest fan experiences.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 6

James talking about Spike's love for the Summers women and the scene where he confided with Joyce about Drusilla, of course Nick takes it elsewhere.

Buffy Panel @ Dragon*Con Part 7

Nick talking about who he would be in the Avengers.


Ghost and the Robot DragonCon 2013

Ghost and the Robot 2 DragonCon 2013

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