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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

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James Marsters Receiving Award at Pasadena International Film Festival Feb 12-17 2014 | @PasadenaFil
con news
James Marsters of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame receiving an award at our Gala! He is a wonderful actor, and we hear, a very good person.

#JamesMarsters is coming to our Gala!!! Beyond thrilled!!


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Where did you read that he was getting an award?

Joss Whedon treatment of cast

I am getting realllly upset with Joss Whedon. With few exceptions, his treatment of the fine cast he has used and discarded throughout his career as he climbed to the top is abhorrent. Why do so few of his actors ever get the work they deserve after being in a successful Whedon project? (The exceptions being the flavor-of-the-month or the perpetual brown-noses?) It's like, they work their hearts out for the man, he takes everything they have, and somewhere along the line puts a big red X across their forehead claiming them as his. Then, promptly forgets the people who helped make him what he is when he is casting or pulls some behind-the-scene, been-in-Hollywood-for-five-generations, crap and blacklist the actors, dooming them to a life on the fringe of the greatness their talents so richly deserve.

I have decided the man is a talent succubus. Oh, Joss uses links to any little tidbits from all our favorites to keep himself in the news, the favor is never returned as those on his "list" never seem to benefit from his said influence. I, for one, believe if he were the guy I use to think he was, he'd help the people who gave us so many hours of enjoyment.

Hey, Joss! Just because you came from Hollywood roots, doesn't mean you should work so hard with your backroom buddies to hold down the people who put you on top. Show some respect and appreciation. One would almost think you hold grudges! You don't, now, do you?

Actions or lack thereof, speaks. You might want to consider that people around you at conventions and in other arenas can overhear your snippy, snarky comments and the way you talk about said actors. You didn't sound like a nice man! Yes, we lesser known people who work for a living have ears and are not deaf. We get you.

What ya gonna do? Put us on your proverbial, eternal blacklist?

Re: Joss Whedon treatment of cast

Not sure this is the appropriate place for that, but you're entitled to your opinion, so fair enough.

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