jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

Bourgeois Faux Pas (Bore gee oh is fox pass) (James Marsters @GhostoftheRobot Album Update)

Bourgeois Faux Pas (Bore gee oh is fox pass)
07:28 9/28/2013, Ghost of the Robot, Ghost of the Robot's Facebook Notes

A documentation for posterity as we capture manifest vibrations and esoteric thought. 


So we've been pondering for some time now, this new epic we're about to bestow upon everyone. We just officially booked our studio dates to start tracking. We've replaced two of the songs that were being previously considered. Bought our hard drives. Made a demo for one of the new songs last night. Now it's time to order some 2" tape...

Tags: album: bourgeois faux pas, cast: james marsters, ghost of the robot, sullivan marsters

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