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James Marsters BELLS OF WEST 87th STREET Cast Q&A Videos x 2 | YouTube

Here are 2 videos featuring James Marsters at THE BELLS OF WEST 87th STREET Cast Q&A; with thanks to memorex202:

The Bells of West 87th cast Q&A 1 of 2

The cast of The Bells of West 87th did a Q&A after their Sep 29th performance. Greenway Court Theater, Los Angeles. Robert Towers, Carol Locatell, James Marsters, Cameron Myer, and Dagney Kerr. Also at the Q&A were the producer, David Fury, and the playwright, Elin Hampton.

The Bells of West 87th cast Q&A 2 of 2

Tags: cast: dagney kerr, cast: james marsters, crew: david fury, crew: elin hampton

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