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James Marsters Ghost of the Robot Digital Delay Holiday StageIt Concert Update | JM-TOP

24 hours or so to go! Ghost of the Robot live streaming internet show time. Take a late work lunch or stay in you...fb.me/2QLYhGP6J

Hey boys and girls, Ghost of the Robot has cooked up a sweet holiday surprise for everyone. Tomorrow at 1pm we will be playing a live streaming show for the whole world over the internet. We will be playing our first album Mad Brilliant in it's entirety at Pus Cavern Recording the very studio where it was recorded back in 2002 and where we're recording our new record. Join us on StageIt, here is the link.

Ghost of the Robot's photo.
Digital Delay Holiday.
Friday, December 27 at 1:10pm in PST
Pus Cavern Recording in Sacramento, California
433 people are going

Tags: cast: james marsters, event: concert, ghost of the robot, jm-top

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