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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

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James Marsters Conference Call Interview Tweets
jmn+ lj
Several Tweeps were kind enough to Tweet during James Marsters conference call interview today, and I'm kind enough to share them with you. :)

http://twitter.com/Deanna_Lynne/ http://twitter.com/JennaBusch/ http://twitter.com/Zap2itHanh/ http://twitter.com/TVTango/ http://twitter.com/ChrissyEF http://twitter.com/Gonthealmighty http://twitter.com/airlockalpha

Deanna_Lynne: The JM conference call is about to begin!

Deanna_Lynne: Just as an aside while we wait...this Friday's ep of Caprica is awesome. JM rocks his scenes.

JennaBusch: Waiting for the conference call with the lovely and talented James Marsters to start. Rocking out to some musak. #Caprica #Buffy #Spike

Zap2itHanh: Hold music medley for James Marsters conference call is played rather high volume. Right now: Beatles' Day in the Life.

Deanna_Lynne: I'm really looking forward to seeing more of him on Caprica. Happy to see him play another complicated bad*ss!

TVTango: On conference call with James Marsters, who will appear on #CAPRICA.

TVTango: In this week's episode of #CAPRICA, James Marsters is Barnabus Greely -- an enigmatic & dangerous leader. Friday @ 9/8c on Syfy.

TVTango: James Marsters of #CAPRICA: In Rome it was called the Colosseum, in CAPRICA it's called The V-Club.

TVTango: James Marsters #CAPRICA: "Civilizations go through barbarism civilization & decadence. I don't know where civilization occurred. Maybe 60s."

Deanna_Lynne: JM says: "there's something amazingly dramatic about seeing where Caprica is headed (BSG) while the characters do not".

Deanna_Lynne: JM was a fan 'Animal Farm' and 'Fahrenheit 51' when he was young. He loved 'Bladerunner' when it came out.

TVTango: James Marsters #CAPRICA: One of his favorite books is Fahrenheit 451. Loves Animal Farm Was completely blown away when BLADE RUNNER came out

Deanna_Lynne: JM hasn't heard from the creators of Torchwood about returning for season 4, but he says he would go back anytime.

TVTango: James Marsters of #CAPRICA: "They put me in jeans & rubbed dirt all over me," when discussing the difficulties of finding a costume for him.

ChrissyEF: We're live with James Marsters in support of this Friday's #Caprica!

Deanna_Lynne: JM says: "I'm glad Jane E. worked w/ me on Buffy, b/c she fought to bring me on to Caprica".

Deanna_Lynne: JM follows certain writers in Hollywood, and Jane E. is on the top of the list.

TVTango: James Marsters originally called for a different role on #CAPRICA, auditioned five or six times but didn't get it. Wouldn't say which role.

Gonthealmighty: @capricaseven On @syfy call w/James Marsters. Says all you(Jane) have to do is call me and I'm there. Now that's faith in your writers!

Deanna_Lynne: JM says that Barnabus is trying to save the world. He's trying to bring a religion to the people that he really believes in.

Deanna_Lynne: JM turned off the pilot to Caprica after a few minutes b/c it terrified him. After thinking about it, he loved it b/c it was...

Deanna_Lynne: amazing & terrifying at once.

TVTango: James Marsters of #CAPRICA: Filmed 5 episodes. "They were hinting that they were keeping the option of having me back. And I hope they do."

Deanna_Lynne: JM says it's now been the 7 years he gave Joss to give him a Spike follow-up and there's still nothing in the works. However,

Deanna_Lynne: JM says that when he looks in the mirror & if he's rested, he doesn't look too bad! So you never know...

TVTango: James Marsters: "We [he and Jane Espenson] tried to make love to each other through the script and the dailies."

Deanna_Lynne: JM says he likes the new vampires...Twilight got his niece to start reading.

Deanna_Lynne: The new vamps are more along the lines of Anne Rice...pretty vamps. Joss wanted his to actually be ugly when they were vamps.

AirlockAlpha: Thank @capricaseven for James Marsters being on #Caprica. So thanks, Jane!

AirlockAlpha: James Marsters says if he ever got a call from Joss Whedon or Russell T. Davies, it's an automatic yes to work with them again.

Deanna_Lynne: JM and David Fury really hope to work together again. He wanted to find a role for JM on 24.

AirlockAlpha: James Marsters is slated for five episodes of #Caprica with the potential for more in S2

AirlockAlpha: James Marsters says if he ever got a call from Joss Whedon or Russell T. Davies, it's an automatic yes to work with them again.

Deanna_Lynne: JM has started putting down tracks forhis next album. He also brags about his son and how awesome he is at lead guitar.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1LgvC8G0eY James Marsters and Son Jammin out!!! His son wrote the guitar lead, he's 13!!!

Deanna_Lynne: JM thinks Ridley Scott, Martin Scorcese, and Pixar movies have absolutely wonderful writing.

Deanna_Lynne: JM was getting his take from Bogart in Casablanca for the Dresden Files audiobooks.

Deanna_Lynne: JM's fave actor on Caprica is Eric S. JM tries not to gush in his presence. Eric S. directed the last ep JM was in (he's in 5)

AirlockAlpha: Eric Stoltz is directing an episode of #Caprica ... The last episode James Marsters appears in this season

Deanna_Lynne: JM's fave character on Caprica is Barnabus.

Deanna_Lynne: JM says Eric was great in the ep he directed-he cracked just the right amount of jokes and he has a very "free mind".

Deanna_Lynne: JM says he doesn't mind being typecast as the cool guy or the potent character.

Deanna_Lynne: JM's fave Shakespeare role is Macbeth. He's done the Shakespeare readings at Joss' house. Joss did a great Hamlet.

Deanna_Lynne: Jm says Alexis Denisof's take of Bottom from Midsummer nights Dream rocked his world.

Deanna_Lynne: JM says it would be lots of fun to do a cameo for Dr. Horrible 2.

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