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Drive-By Interview: Pasadena International Film Festival — James Marsters | Whedonopolis
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Drive-By Interview: Pasadena International Film Festival — James Marsters

  February 25, 2014  Posted by at 9:00 am Interviews Tagged with: , , , ,

While at the Pasadena International Film Festival, Career Versatility Award winner James Marsters allowed for a short interview with Whedonopolis. Check it out!

Whedonopolis: Hi James, congratulations on your award.

James Marsters: Thank you. It’s really good to be part of this beginning, and this festival’s going to become much larger in the future. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Whedonopolis: You were awarded for your career versatility, which is quite an accomplishment. Besides Spike, what are you most proud of in your career?

James Marsters: Um, Macbeth. Macbeth and writing scripts that no one has actually seen, but someday they hopefully will.

Whedonopolis: I totally understand that feeling as a writer myself. But, was it nice to be presented the Career Versatility Award by your friend David Fury? Was it good to be with Clare Kramer again?

James Marsters: It was awesome! David was just basically reading off of my Wikipedia page, so he didn’t get smarmy at all. It was just like – it was great! I loved it. And Clare is amazing and so nice. It’s fabulous to see her again. She’s the best.

Whedonopolis: It was lovely to see you and thank you so much for this quick interview. And once again, congratulations.

James Marsters: Absolutely. My pleasure.