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Caprica's James Marsters Q&A Highlights

Caprica's James Marsters Q&A Highlights

Today I had the very distinct honor of attending a Q&A conference call with James Marsters (Buffy, Angel, Torchwood) in anticipation of his upcoming role on Syfy's Caprica. Here's some highlights to tide you over until I post the full transcript:

On Caprica:

- Marsters says, "There's something amazingly dramatic about seeing where Caprica is headed (in reference to BSG) while the characters do not."

- He says Barnabas is trying to save the world. He's trying to bring a religion to the people that he really believes in. He doesn't consider himself a terrorist.

- Regarding his role, James says that while he's seen a large chunk of BSG, he tried to forget all of it to focus on the prequel aspect of Caprica.

- While watching the Caprica pilot, Marsters turned it off after the first few minutes because it terrified him. When he thought about it, he realized that he loved it-Caprica was both amazing and terrifying at the same time.

- James mentioned the similarities between Caprica and ancient Rome. The downfall of both was the massive decadence and wickedness of the people. He also commented on how close our society is coming to the same end.

- He says his favorite character on Caprica is Barnabas. His favorite actor is Eric Stoltz. James had a hard time not gushing in awe when in Eric's presence.

- Marsters says that Eric Stoltz directed the last episode Barnabas appears in. He says Eric was an awesome director, cracking just the right amount of jokes. He called Eric very brave and of having a 'free mind'.

- Regarding working with Caprica head writer Jane Espenson, James says, "I'm glad Jane worked with me on Buffy, because she fought to bring me on to Caprica". He also says that Jane is on the the top of the list of writers in Hollywood that he follows and enjoys working with.

- James is in five episodes this season. The writers have left the storyline open for Barnabas' return at a later date, although James hasn't heard anything about returning for a possible season two appearance.

On Joss Whedon and the Buffyverse:

- Regarding reprising his role as Spike on a Buffy project, James says he gave Joss seven years to come up with something while he could still be believable as Spike. The seven years are up and there's still nothing planned. However, James says when he looks in the mirror and he's rested, he doesn't look too bad, so you never know.

- James mentioned that during Buffy and Angel's runs, he did attend the monthly Shakespeare readings at Joss' house. His favorite Shakespeare character is MacBeth, but that Joss did a great Hamlet, and Alexis Denisof's (Angel, Dollhouse) take on Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream "rocked his world".

- James says it would be lots of fun to do a cameo for Dr. Horrible 2.

On Torchwood:

- When asked to appear on Torchwood, James was told it was due to his work on Buffy.

- James hasn't heard from the creators of Torchwood about returning for season four, but he would be happy to go back anytime.

Other tidbits:

- James was a fan of 'Animal Farm' and Fahrenheit 451 while growing up. He also loved Blade Runner when it came out.

- He says he likes the new vampires on TV and in the movies. Twilight got his niece to finally start reading. He says the vampires of today are reminiscent of the Anne Rice vampires-they are pretty, whereas Joss Whedon wanted his vampires to be ugly.

- James and David Fury (a writer on Buffy) really hope to work together again. David wanted to find a role for James on 24.

- James has started putting down tracks for his next album. He also mentioned how awesome his son is at playing lead guitar.

- He thinks Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, and Pixar movies all have wonderful writing.

- His inspiration for his take on The Dresden Files audiobooks was Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

- James has no problem being typecast as "the cool guy, or the potent character".

James Marsters first episode of Caprica will premiere this Friday at 9 pm, only on the SyFy Channel.


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