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PHOTO OPS at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience (inc James Marsters) | @slcomiccon

PHOTO OPS at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience

All Scheduled Photo Ops will take place in the CELEBRITY PHOTO OPS AREA. See the floor map here.

For Photo Op and Autograph questions, see our FAQ SECTION below.

Any questions not regarding Photo Ops, please visit our FAQ PAGE

For a better understanding of Photo Ops, read this article.



FanX Celebrity Photo Op Photo Op Price Thursday Session Friday Session Saturday Session Autograph Price
Adam Baldwin $40 6:15PM 12:00PM 5:00PM $40
Barbie Blank $40 2:15PM 1:00PM 12:15PM $30
Billy Dee Williams $45 2:30PM 12:30PM 12:45PM TBD
Boondock Saints: David Della Rocco & Sean Patrick Flanery $60 7:00PM 4:15PM 7:30PM -
Brent Spiner $40 4:30PM 3:00PM 3:15PM $40
Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson $50 2:30PM 11:30PM 2:45PM $30
Chandler Riggs $50 7:30PM 4:15PM 1:30PM $50
Daniel Logan $30 7:15PM 2:15PM 12:15PM $25
David Della Rocco $30 7:15PM 4:30PM 7:45PM $25
Denise Crosby $40 3:45PM 12:15PM 2:15PM $40
Drea de Matteo $40 5:45PM 11:15AM 12:30PM $30-40**
Edward James Olmos $50 5:45PM 3:45PM 11:45AM $60
Firefly: Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin $105 N/A N/A 4:15PM -
Gates McFadden $40 3:30PM 3:00PM 2:00PM $40
Ioan Gruffudd $40 N/A 12:45PM 11:45AM $30
James Marsters $60 5:00PM 1:15PM 6:30PM $40
Jason David Frank $50 3:00PM N/A N/A $40
Jason David Frank (Costumed) $60 N/A 11:15AM 5:45PM $40
Jeremy Bulloch $30 3:15PM 1:15PM 5:15PM TBD
Jon Bernthal $50 7:30PM 5:30PM 1:30PM $30
Jonathan Frakes $40 4:30PM 3:00PM 3:15PM $40
Julie Benz $40 6:30PM 4:15PM 11:00AM $25
Karen Gillan $65 N/A 7:00PM 7:00PM $60-80**
Karl Urban $60 6:15PM 12:15PM N/A $60
Kelly Hu $40 6:00PM 3:30PM 6:15PM $30
Laurie Holden $40 7:30PM 5:30PM 1:30PM $40
LeeAnna Vamp $30 4:00PM 3:45PM 11:15AM TBD
Marina Sirtis $40 3:30PM 1:45PM 2:00PM $40
Maryse Ouellet $40 4:00PM 11:00AM 12:45PM $30
Michael Dorn $40 4:30PM 1:45PM 4:00PM $40
Micky Dolenz $45 2:45PM 2:30PM 2:45PM TBD
Natalie Dormer $45 2:00PM 11:45AM 11:00AM $40
Nathan Fillion $75 N/A N/A 5:00PM $70-100**
Nicole Marie Jean $30 2:00PM 4:45PM 4:30PM TBD
Sean Patrick Flanery $40 N/A N/A N/A $30
Star Trek – Men of TNG: Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes & Michael Dorn $120 5:00PM N/A N/A -
Star Trek – TNG Cast: Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, & Marina Sirtis $250 4:00PM 2:15PM N/A -
Star Trek – Women of TNG: Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, & Marina Sirtis $120 N/A 6:15PM N/A -
Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs, Laurie Holden & Jon Bernthal $130 7:00PM 4:45PM 12:30PM -
William Shatner $80 5:15PM N/A N/A $75
Zach Galligan $30 5:30PM 2:30PM 4:30PM $20

*This is a final list of prices and times, but there may be some changes based on celebrity schedules.
**Prices differ for personalization, memorabilia and complimentary photos


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