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A Spoiler-Free Peek At Tomorrow Night's Caprica 

I just saw a rough cut of tomorrow night's Caprica episode, "Know Thy Enemy," and you aren't going to want to miss it. Here's why.

1. The STO is finally getting interesting
The "Soldiers of the One" recruited Zoe and convinced her boyfriend to suicide-bomb a train with her in it. That crime set the whole show in motion, including the resurrection of Joseph's daughter Tamara, also killed in the bombing. And yet a lot of people, including commenters here, have complained that the weakest part of the show is this monotheistic terrorist subplot. Sister Clarice in particular has seemed like a weird and aimless character. But in this episode, at last, we meet the mysterious STO revolutionary Barnabus (guest star James Marsters), and we start to understand the frakked up mind behind the maglev bombing.

2. Joseph Adama tries to get into V-World
I love the way this show pokes fun at Web culture. I won't say more than that. But you will be amused.

3. A new big bad emerges
Now Daniel Graystone has something to contend with that's a little more dangerous than Sarno, and a lot less nebulous than "public backlash." Also, this baddie links the Graystones and the Adamas more tightly than ever.

4. Nerd subplot gets creepy
So we finally start to get some development in the relationship between Zoe and the nerdy, robosexual scientist who danced with her cylon form. I will be very curious to see what people think of what happens with this in the episode. Either Zoe is showing us a side of herself that we haven't ever seen, or she's being incredibly manipulative. It's really hard to say.

5. No shirtless Sam
Dammit! That's the one bad part of the episode. But there is a sexy tattoo moment.

Tune in tomorrow night on Syfy.


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