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BACKER CONTEST! Win the Necklace and Arm Bracers worn by James Marsters in DRAGON WARRIORS

BACKER CONTEST! Win the Necklace and Arm Bracers worn by James Marsters in Dragon Warriors


Attention Loyal Backers!

We have less than 10 days left in the campaign so it is time to really finish strong!  We have reached more than 40% of our goal so we have a bit more to go, but we can do it with all of your help!  In order to reward all of you loyal backers and to really target NEW backers we have come up with a contest idea to help us reach our goal.

The name of the game is getting more backers, right? Once they see the trailer and behind the scenes videos they are going to want to pledge, but the key is to get them to sit down and watch the trailer and click the pledge button. So we thought of a way that will encourage people to share the link, and then follow up with their friends to have them actually sign up and pledge. There are 2 ways to win, and 2 amazing prizes!

The Prizes

We are giving away some of the amazing jewelry and armor worn by James (See Below):

Note the Beautiful Necklace and Stunning Arm Bracers
Note the Beautiful Necklace and Stunning Arm Bracers
Actual Necklace worn by James Marsters in Dragon Warriors
Actual Necklace worn by James Marsters in Dragon Warriors
Actual Arm Bracers worn by James Marsters in Dragon Warriors
Actual Arm Bracers worn by James Marsters in Dragon Warriors

As you can see, these are beautiful pieces and more importantly they were worn by James every day on set as he played the lovably nefarious Lord Tensley. These are sure to be collectors items and an absolute treasure for any true fan of James and Dragon Warriors.  


The goal of this contest is to get NEW backers. This is the way it works:

1. To be eligible you must be a backer yourself.

2. You must convince at least 1 person to make a pledge.  It doesn't matter how much but it must be at least $1.

3. Once that person has pledged, have them send a short private message to us on Kickstarter with your full name.  

The person who refers the most new backers wins the necklace!  Plain and simple. 

We are going to mix it up a bit to win the arm bracers. Every time someone names you as the one who referred them your name will be entered into a drawing. At the end of the contest we will draw one winning name that will take home the bracers! So even if you are only able to refer one backer you still have a chance to win the prize. But if you are a super fan that brings in several backers, not only do you have more of a chance to win the bracers, but you can also win the necklace with the highest number of NEW backers!

RULES: New backers ARE eligible to compete as well. If a backer cancels their pledge before the contest is over, they will not count as a referral. The contest will start on May 9th at 10am PST and end when the Kickstarter Campaign ends on May 19th. We will announce the winners the following day after we count it all up and do the drawing. We promise there will be 2 winners, no matter what. But the prizes will be worth a lot more if we are all winners and get Dragon Warriors finished!

Remember this is about healthy competition so keep sharing, liking, commenting, tweeting, etc for the good of the campaign. Don't lose any friends over who gets the credit :) This is just a way to reward those going above and beyond the call of duty. Hopefully this will help you talk to people even more at work, at parties, on the subway, etc. 

Fight on Warriors! And remember, if every current backer brought in one other person we could reach our goal!

Thanks For Your Love and Support,

The Dragon Warriors Team

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