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NEW REWARDS including Dinner party with Kaitlin Doubleday, Game Night with the Cast and more!

NEW REWARDS including Dinner party with Kaitlin Doubleday, Game Night with the Cast and more!



We are almost halfway to our stretch goal! Amazing! Let's hope any latecomers jump on the bandwagon.  It's always good to be on the winning team. We welcome all, better late than never right? So to help push us to our new goal we are offering some new rewards. All of them are limited and very exclusive.  Check reward tiers on main page for details.

Dinner Party with actress Kaitlin Doubleday!

A day at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD with Dragon Warriors Cast and Crew, Maclain Nelson and Clare Niederpruem

REAL LIVE HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT with Dragon Warriors cast and crew, Adam Johnson, Maclain Nelson, Clare Niederpruem and perhaps more…

ALSO! If we reach our stretch goal we want to reward the backers with a Cast and Crew Google Hang-out.  Those of you who have never experienced one are in for a treat.  The way it works is this.  We will all orchestrate a time where most or all of the cast will be available to get together online and answer questions from  all over the world.  It's like an AMA that you can watch live. And if you miss it we can send you the link to the video. We can't promise that all of the cast will be there but we can promise most will be online.  (as you know James is very busy but if he is available, I am sure he will be on the hangout)  Either way it will give you a chance to get to know us, and the film even better.  It will be for backers only.  We may wait to do it after the movie releases so you can ask more informed questions but we will make sure it happens! We will keep you posted but first let's hit that stretch goal!

Only a few more hours to go!

Don't forget you T-shirt ($25) and Poster($30) Add ons.  Keep spreading the word!


Dragon Warriors Team

P.S. if we get to 1500 backers we will give all the backers a free download of this hilarious song written and performed by our very own Jake Van Wagoner (Samton) Less than 50 to go! Check out the video below.

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