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Boston Comic Con Artist Panel & Event Schedule (inc James Marsters) | @BostonComicCon


Ampitheater (Fri)
  • 3pm: Q&A
    Sean Astin
  • 4pm: Batman Panel
    Greg Capullo & Scott Snyder
  • 5pm: Q&A
    James Marsters
  • 6pm: Q&A
    Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
  • 7pm: Q&A
    Jewel Staite

Waterfront Ball Room 1&2 (Fri)
  • 3pm: Kids Con
    Cartooning workshop for kids w/Emily Drouin
  • 4pm: Webcomics Panel
    Danielle Corsetto, Yale Stewart, Tak Toyoshima, Bill Walko
  • 5pm: Star Wars Panel
    Cat Staggs, Dave Seeley, Stephane Roux
  • 6pm: Cosplay 101
    Ivy Doom Kitty
  • 7pm: Comics vs. Comics Drawing Battle
    Sergio Aragones, Simon Bisley, Eric Powell, Rebekah Isaacs

Ampitheater (Sat)
  • 12pm: Image Comics Panel
    Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Nick Pitarra, Ming Doyle
  • 1pm: My Little Pony Panel
    Katie Cook, Andy Price, Sara Richards
  • 2pm: The Kubert School
    Adam Kubert
  • 3pm: Adventure Time Panel
    Derek Hunter, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Andy Ristaino
  • 4pm: Q&A
    Darryl "DMC" McDaniels
Ampitheater, cont. (Sat)
  • 5pm: DC Panel
    Gail Simone, Chris Burnham, Pop Mhan
  • 6pm: Torchwood Reunion
    John Barrowman & Eve Myles

Waterfront Ball Room 1&2 (Sat)
  • 11am: Nashville Superman
    Country songs about The Man of Steel
  • 12pm: Kickstarter Panel
    How to use Kickstarter to fund your project
  • 1pm: Queer Comics Panel
    Showcasing the diversity in comics of the LGBTQ community
  • 2pm: Press Your Luck
    Game show for contestants to test their fandom knowledge
  • 3pm: So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay
    Ivy Doom Kitty
  • 4pm: Finding Collaborators For Your Comic Project
  • 5pm: Comics and Comics
    Stand-up comedy by geeks for geeks
  • 6pm: Trouble With Tribbles
    Improv troupe reenacts the classic Star Trek episode

Ampitheater (Sun)
  • 11am: Q&A
    Jason Momoa
  • 12pm: Bone Panel
    Jeff Smith
  • 1pm: Q&A
    John Barrowman
  • 2pm: Marvel Panel
    Mark Brooks, Jorge Molina, Mark Waid, Skottie Young
  • 3pm: Q&A
    Sam Witwer
Waterfront Ball Room 1&2 (Sun)
  • 11am: Creating Characters We Love to Hate
    Learn how to create the ultimate villain
  • 12pm: Super Geek-Up Panel LIVE
    Geeky topics and games with audience participation
  • 1pm: Kid's Costume Showcase
    Costume contest for kids
  • 2pm: Live Figure Drawing
    Learn how to draw the human figure
  • 3pm: Make Something!
    Local artists show you how
  • 4pm: Make Your Web Series Now!
    How to make and promote your web series
  • 5pm: Dorks in Dungeons
    Improv troupe fantasy role play

City View Ball Room (Sun)
  • 4pm: BCC Annual Costume Contest
    Ivy Doom Kitty

Federal Complex (Sun)
  • 2pm: Annual BCC Art Auction

BCC Film Festival
  • We will be announcing our schedule for the annual Boston Comic Con Film Festival soon. Check back for updates!

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