jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

Message from Jasmin Marsters re: KESSI BLUE Indiegogo Campaign | @JasminMarsters1

Yay Yay Yay! Good news ^^ the campaign is doing really great so far! THAAAAAANK YOU so much to everyone who has donated, shared and shared our excitement! We are verrrrry grateful to have your support and share this experience with you.
Due to popular demand, we've added the perk that was instantly SOLD OUT (Dancing Patients - a personalized autopraphed picture of James Marsters - The Official Page)
Also, as I've posted via Twitter, we can always add perks, so keep the ideas coming!
If for whatever reason you'd like to contact us, or you've purchased a perk that requires you to give us more infos, like "Face the Truth" where you can ask James a question or "Daydreaming" where we'd need your skype name, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to the Campaign page, and scroll to the bottom to find the campaign owner's name
2. Click on the campaign owner's name to visit their Individual Profile
3. Click the 'Contact User' button
4. Type your message in the contact field, and click 'Send Message'
Otherwise you can always leave us a private comment on the campaign page. Be assured, we'll get your message!

Please help us keep the momentum!.... selfishly I really want to see james sing Rest in Peace. hehe ~ . ~

xoxoxoxoxo, J

James & Jasmin Marsters "Let's Make This Happen!"

CLICK ON THIS LINK: igg.me/at/kessiblue Share this video along with the campaign link with your friends and family! We will be forever indebted to you ;) Sub...

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