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Message from James Marsters re: KESSI BLUE (inc NEW Perk Added) | JM-TOP

"Half way there, let's keep on going!"
Hello beautiful people!
The campaign to fund 'Kessi Blue' is off to an awesome start! Your support has been overwhelming. We are over halfway to our goal already! I'm tuning my guitar and readying my vocal chords to sing 'Rest In Peace' one more time in anticipation of us reaching our goal completely. Fair warning; it may have that hint of Nirvana in it that Joss didn't use.
If anyone is still deciding if they want to join in on the fun, check out the list of perks (bribes) we are offering. We've added a new one that you may like.

(!!!To contact us about your purchased perks, read the instructions in the campaigns description text!!!)

Thanks to everyone for your support. Coming together with you all in this way feels fabulous. When we meet, mention that you contributed, and I'll give you a hug!


KESSI BLUE is a short film about a woman, living the life she longs to have, but couldn't be further away from.

Tags: cast: james marsters, character: spike, crew: joss whedon, james marsters tweets/posts, jasmin marsters, jm-top, movie: kessi blue, tv: buffy

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