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James Marsters--Boston Comic Con & Movie/TV Career (Radio Interview) | @HeraldRadio

James Marsters--Boston Comic Con & Movie/TV Career

@sznnmorse 7:25 AM
Calling all #Buffy fans! @JM_Live (aka James Marsters aka #Spike) abt to be on w/@HeraldRadio to talk @BostonComicCon bostonherald.com/herald_radio
@sznnmorse 7:31 AM
Okay, I don't recognize James Marsters without the British accent #Spike #Buffy #BostonComicCon @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:33 AM
James Marsters says he enjoys going to conventions, went to them as a fan as a 13 year old kid @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:34 AM
James Marsters discussing rivalry between #StarTrek & #Space1999. Old School. @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon #Buffy #Spike
@sznnmorse 7:35 AM
James Marsters said that comic book industry, etc., saving Hollywood, attracting moviegoers @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:37 AM
James Marsters says #StarWars was either Western or Samurai movie. He's thoughtful on myths @BostonComicCon @HeraldRadio #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:38 AM
James Marsters references Joseph Campbell's works on mythology re #StarWars @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon #Buffy #Spike
@sznnmorse 7:39 AM
James Marsters perfect films - It's A Wonderful Life, Singing in the Rain, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:40 AM
FYI - I totally agree with James Marsters on It's A Wonderful Life @HeraldRadio #Spike #Buffy #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:41 AM
James Marsters says Raging Bull was "a flawless film" @HeraldRadio #Spike #Buffy #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:42 AM
James Marsters thinks stories w/gods & demigods are popular & have been for thousands of years @BostonComicCon @HeraldRadio #BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:43 AM
James Marsters makes point directors tried to make god movies for years but special effects finally caught up @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon
@sznnmorse 7:44 AM
James Marsters also says superpowers help viewers want to be the character @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon #Buffy #Spike
@sznnmorse 7:45 AM
James Marsters says trick of story-telling is helping audience to root for a character @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #BostonComicCon #Buffy
@sznnmorse 7:46 AM
James Marsters (@JM_Live) re #BostonComicCon: come and hang out with the Gods @HeraldRadio @BostonComicCon #Buffy #Spike
@sznnmorse 7:51 AM
Wonder what @CAndrewMorse thinks of James Marsters claiming on @HeraldRadio there was a #StarTrek & #Space1999 rivalry? #BostonComicCon

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