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Time to Rope Up some [James Marsters] High Plains Invaders in this Clip

Time to Rope Up some High Plains Invaders in this Clip 

The Syfy channel has over a hundred and fifty original movies to its credit and High Plains Invaders is one of their sillier titled numbers, but worth a look, nonetheless. The Syfy channel bills High Plains Invaders as "the Old West will not know what hit it, when cowboys and aliens square of in the ultimate showdown" (Syfy). The film is a genre bender and action packed, which the promo' shows. The movie clip below also displays an homage to the classic War of the Worlds, minus the pistoleros. A play on words of High Plains Drifter, High Plains Invaders will release on DVD April 6th. Several other Syfy original films are at the film's website, also below.

The synopsis for High Plains Invaders:

"After a good-hearted outlaw turns himself in for a fatal accident, the guilt-ridden Sam Phoenix is ready to be hanged when an unexpected pardon arrives in the form of an alien-insect invasion. As the bloody killing spree begins, Sam and a small number of survivors are forced to take refuge in a nearby church. Realizing they are going to need a lot more than a prayer and a pistol to survive this nightmare, the small community enters a showdown where only one species will make it out alive" (Shock).

Release Date: April 6, 2010 (DVD).

Director: Kristoffer Tabori.

Writer: Richard Beattie.

Starring: James Marsters, Cindy Sampson, Sebastian Knapp, and Sanny Van Heteren.

A short movie clip/promo for the film:

One of several Syfy originals here:

High Plains Invaders at Syfy


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