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James Marsters BUFFY FanMeet Solo Q&A Videos x 7 | YouTube

Here are 7 videos of James Marsters from his solo Q&A at KLZ Event's BUFFY FanMeet; with thanks to MrsLynnSummers28 & Shane King:

Buffy FanMeet - James Marsters mess with a sock

Buffy FanMeet - James Marsters

Buffy FanMeet - James Marsters about Musical Episode


James Marsters - Why Some Of The Angel-Spike Rivalry Was Genuine (Buffy Fanmeet - December 2014)

Video Originally Uploaded From - www.shangelsreviews.blogspot.com

Full Review Of "Buffy Fanmeet" & A Review Of Every Single "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" Episode Also Located At "Shangel's Reviews".

James Marsters Talks About "Supernatural" & Jared/Jensen's Prank On Him (Buffy Fanmeet - Dec 2014)

James Marsters Sings Some Of "Rest In Peace" (Buffy Fanmeet - December 2014)

James Marsters Talks About The Attempted Rape Scene In "Seeing Red" (Buffy Fanmeet - December 2014)

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