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DKSC Website Update
dksc website update
Several website updates today, so here they are. I've added a new link to the frame menu under "The Vampire Section" where you'll now find a link to a new page entitled "Spike/James LJ News," which is an embedded frame of my LiveJournal, where I post major James Marsters news, as well as daily Twitter updates. So, hopefully you'll all enjoy that.

Next, I've finally (after a decade or so!) gotten around to adding a Spike biography.

And, finally, I've added a new opinion poll, which asks "Which current/future James Marsters project are you most enjoying/excited about?" You'll also find the result of the previous poll: "What do you think of the proposed new Buffy movie, without Joss Whedon?"

Check out the updates @ http://dontkillspike.50webs.com

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