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James Marsters & @GhostoftheRobot Performing on StageIt 12:35pm Jan 10 | JM-TOP

Great news!!!
Ghost of the Robot will be performing live at 12:35 pm Pacific Standard Time, January 10, on Stageit.com - Sullivan is on Winter break, Kevin is back from touring the world, James will reprise his role as James Marsters, Jordan misses work and Charlie will be driving all night to James' house in Los Angeles for a laid back, acoustic show.

If you want to see GotR play live, now is your chance. Pay what you can and the band will play a set in your home, office, cafe or anywhere else you can find good wifi. (Offer not good in North Korea)
We will also be taking questions from fans, goofing around and trying to appear witty, so if you've ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with the band for a jam session, January the 10th is the time.
For tickets, go to http://Stageit.com/ghostoftherobot. See you there!

Ghost of the Robot
James Marsters Jordan Latham Kevin McPherson Sullivan Marsters Charlie De Mars For your own sanity, if you have a slow internet connection, no speakers and or old computer, please spare yourself the frustration and don't waste your time or funds. We hope to perform in a town near you soon!

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