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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

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Poll: Which James Marsters project are you most excited about?
jmn+ lj
I decided to post the current Don't Kill Spike Club poll here as well, as a quick 'n' easy way for LJ users to vote. So vote away!

Poll #1539130 James Marsters Poll Question

Which current/future James Marsters project are you most enjoying/excited about?

Hawaii Five-O
Dragonball 2: Reborn
Dresden Files Audiobook Series
High Plains Invaders DVD
She Stoop to Conquer Live Radio Play
As Yet Untitled Future Album
Can't Decide/All of the Above
Other - Add Comment

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I'm pretty excited that he'll be at the Philly Comic Con in June, as well, but not as excited about it as I am Caprica.

I didn't even think to include conventions! Which is extra silly of me, as I'm excited about them as well. *lol* But I s'pose that's what the "Other" option is for.

And, I'm loving Caprica as well. Can't wait to see more of James in action. :)

Hawaii Five-O because James all tanned and maybe kinda naked...Mmmmm!

Well, looks like everyone agrees with me! LOL! CAPRICA rocks! I started watching it from the beginning so I'd know what was going on when his eps came up because I never watched BSG. (Starbuck a woman? FUUUUUCK, no! Starbuck's a superhot guy played by Dirk Benedict, you idiots!) *clears throat* Anyhoo, I was glued before the first commercial. There are so many "a-ha" moments where I'm saying, "Ohhhh, so that's how that came to be!" It's just fun! The only part I don't like is V-world. The violence is just unnecessary. Well, I guess they need the "once you're dead you stay dead" thing, but...I think there's a bit of overkill. There's too much of a True Blood vamp bar feel to it, and that's unnecessary. Oh, and the bridge between the episode right before James's first episode and his? I sat there feeling like I'd missed a week, like I'd been dropped in the middle of a plot I didn't understand. They left a gap in the plot there between shows that I just wasn't able to leap across. Also, where was James the week after his first appearance? Are his eps not in a row?

Couldn't agree more! I'm loving Caprica!

And I'm thinking with the last episode that James was supposed to be in, that maybe he was, but they had to cut his scenes for some reason. Because, I mean, even his official site has him listed as being in that episode.

According the reports from the Paley Center Caprica panel/screening, James will be in the next episode, "Ghosts in the Machine" airing this Friday. So that's something to look forward to. :)

My bad. Those reports from the Paley screening were about the mid-season final, "End of Line," which airs next Friday.

Sorry for any confusion caused. :(

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