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Upfront Exclusive: Ron Moore and the Frakkin' Future of Syfy (James Marsters ment.)

Upfront Exclusive: Ron Moore and the Frakkin' Future of Syfy

We react to Syfy's new slate of programming, catch-up with Caprica's biggest Buffy fan and as usual, hang with Ron Moore. 

By Hilary Rothing

[clipped; full article at SOURCE link below]

Speaking of Caprica, let's get to the fun part of the night - the party.  I intercepted Magda Apanowicz (Caprica's Lacey Rand) talking to Real Worlder turned wrestler, The Miz and freed her from the full nelson  he had her in to talk Caprica.  Just kidding about the full nelson part.

Turns out Magda is a huge Buffy geek so obviously she was thrilled to work with James Marsters (Barnabus Greely).  Which brought up an interesting point, with Caprica being a BSG spin-off.  Magda, who was nervous about the BSG fans' response to the series, likened it to fans of the Whedonverse's apprenhension about Angel.  I copped to sharing that attitude when BSG itself was originally broughy to the table for a reboot and not only am I huge fan of Ron Moore's reimagining but I'm also hooked on Caprica.

So will we be seeing more of Spike and Lacey?  Yes, indeedy.  But what does that say about Lacey's involvement with the STO?  Is she really an uncompromising religious fanatic, bent on forwarding a montheistic spirtual agenda at any price? 

"No," said Magda.  Lacey believes in the cause but not in the current means to its end.  Obviously, we're heading towards some sort of showdown.  According to Magda, things are gonna get frakkin crazy with Lacey in episode twelve.  Can't wait.


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