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James Marsters Joins the New 'Hawaii Five-O'

james marstersBad boy for hire James Marsters has landed his next villainous role. The former 'Buffy' bloodsucker and current 'Caprica' cult leader will play Steve McGarrett's nemesis in the new 'Hawaii Five-O.'

Marsters announced the big news on his official Facebook page. Sadly, he's only signed for a guest spot in the CBS pilot, produced by uber-geeks of the moment Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ('Fringe,' 'Star Trek'). Of course, the guest gig could turn into a recurring role if the producers like what they see (fingers crossed!).

I've been on the fence about this project, but I might give it a shot now that Marsters is on board. I'd love to see the guy chew some scenery on another new show, especially after watching his great dark turn on 'Caprica.'

It seems like Orci and Kurtzman are trying to appeal to their fellow geeks with their recent 'Hawaii Five-O' casting picks. Genre/sci-fi vets Grace Park ('Battlestar Galactica'), Daniel Dae Kim ('Lost'), and Alex O'Loughlin ('Moonlight') have all been cast in key roles, along with Scott Caan and Jean Smart. It should be interesting to see these folks work together if the pilot goes to series (and yes, it will go to series).


James Marsters joins 'Hawaii Five-O' pilot

By Rick Porter | March 17, 2010 3:12 PM ET
james-marsters-02-320.jpgWe're nearly certain that somewhere out in the vast wilds of the Internet, there exists a fanfic story where "Moonlight's" Mick St. John and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Spike meet.

Well, it's about to happen for real. Mick and Spike -- or at least the actors who play them, Alex O'Loughlin and James Marsters -- will tangle in CBS' "Hawaii Five-O" pilot. We hope they have plenty of sunscreen.

Marsters' Facebook page says he'll be a guest star in the pilot, playing the "nemesis of lead character Jack [sic] McGarrett" (O'Loughlin, whose character's name is, as far as we know, Steve McGarrett, same as the original show). There's no word yet on whether his guest spot will be a one-off appearance or has the potential to recur.

The "Hawaii Five-O" cast also includes another Whedonverse alumnus: "Lost's" Daniel Dae Kim, who recurred on "Angel" from 2001-03), is playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly.

Marsters has also recurred on "Caprica" this season and guested on "Lie to Me."


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