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Anyone for Coffee with James Marsters or Gareth David-Lloyd? | Supanova

Anyone for Coffee with James Marsters or Gareth David-Lloyd?

Its one of those rare opportunities, when you get a chance to offer up real stars in a nice relaxed atmosphere, that makes them so special. And in both, James Marsters and Gareth David Lloyd, we have two cool Supa-stars who are happy to sit down and chat over coffee and cake with their fans at both the Brisbane and Melbourne expos.

But how do we figure out amongst all the clamour who those people are going to be?

Time for an auction!

How does it work? Well,  we’ll be going live at 9.00am AEST Saturday 27th March with a specific Facebook page, where you’ll be able to bid, with the auctions closing at midday AEST Wednesday 31st March.

So be prepared as this is an unprecedented opportunity for you to make a great personal connection and hopefully a new friend!
When will these “Coffee with…” events take place? For Gareth David-Lloyd its each Saturday morning before Supanova opens and for James its each Sunday morning.

For more details on the auction and the conditions have a look at the ticketing page HERE and make sure you come back here at 9am Saturday morning when the action will truly begin!


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